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Bloc Dispensary in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Bloc Dispensary

August 21, 2023News

Bloc is dedicated to helping members of their community with all of their cannabis needs. With an integrative approach towards wellness. They offer products tailored specifically for different budgets and needs. Discover a world of cannabis exploration and inclusivity at Bloc Dispensary, Michigan’s pioneering legal marijuana shop in Benton Harbor. From premium flower and vape cartridges to soothing lotions and delectable edibles. We curate a diverse selection that caters to your unique preferences. Join us on a journey of feeling good with every product and service we offer.

Medical Marijuana: For patients who possess a valid medical marijuana card. Medical cannabis providers will work closely with them to help understand all available strains, dosages and consumption methods. Their menu products may include flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, or accessories.

Discover the Feel-Good Experience at Bloc Dispensary in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Benton Harbor is one of several southwest Michigan communities you can explore on the Lake Michigan Circle Tour. Situated between Kalamazoo and South Bend, Indiana. Benton Harbor features hiking trails at Sarett Nature Center as well as golfing opportunities and lakefront parks that cater to families. Furthermore, visitors can discover Jean Klock Lakefront Park which serves as both public space and art gallery.

Benton Harbor is a community designed with feeling good in mind. Their brand – exploring, curating and celebrating all things cannabis from an inclusive and diverse viewpoint with the idea that we all deserve to feel good – reflects this philosophy through everything they offer from products sold to services provided.

Bloc Dispensary

Michigan’s Inaugural Legal Marijuana Shop

Bloc Dispensary, Michigan’s inaugural legal marijuana shop, officially opened to the public last week. A member of Emerald Coast Group – a national cannabis company with licenses in Michigan under its medical marijuana program prior to a judge ordering its suspension by two years – Bloc Dispensary is located on West St. Clair Boulevard.

This store carries a comprehensive selection of cannabis-related products, such as flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges and vaporizers with the highest THC levels on the market. They also sell lotions, edibles, and drinks and offer loyalty cards so customers can earn points that can be redeemed for discounts when making future purchases.

Exploring the Rich History and Vibrant Present of Bethlehem: A Historic Palestinian City

Bethlehem is one of the oldest Christian communities, boasting some of the world’s most beloved landmarks and being said to have been where Jesus Christ was born according to biblical accounts found in the Gospels. A 14-point star on the floor of Church of Nativity marks this spot, though many modern scholars dispute its accuracy as part of Jesus fulfilling prophecies.

Bethlehem is a Palestinian city with strong economic and social ties to Jerusalem. Farming, trade, and tourism are the primary means of income generation for residents; Olive groves, vineyards, deciduous fruit orchards and residents who produce handicrafts as souvenirs for tourists are some of the main sources of revenue for Bethlehem residents. Recently Bethlehem’s tourism industry has flourished bringing more than two million visitors yearly!

Though its history has been long and turbulent, the city remains peaceful today. Its economy relies heavily on agriculture and tourism – both providing over 60% of their annual income. There are 135 schools operating within its boundaries with 100 under the auspices of Education Ministry of Palestinian National Authority.

Bethlehem enjoys a moderate climate with hot and dry summers and moderate levels of humidity from May through January; these levels typically peak between April and May when humidity peaks due to Khamaseen winds from Arabian Desert. However, April and May can see periodic waves of dusty Khamaseen winds which cause problems due to heat build-up on surfaces in Bethlehem.

Bloc Dispensary

Valley Park

Valley Park is an attractive city with plenty to see and do, from parks to playgrounds and trails that offer families ample opportunity to experience nature. There are also festivals and events throughout the year; Valley Park’s Parks and Recreation Department provides parks maintenance, grounds maintenance, recreational programming/reservations/community outreach services under Gil Denormandie’s watchful gaze.

The BLOC dispensary at 2093 Smizer Station Road in Valley Park welcomes both medical marijuana patients and adults over 21. Their menu offers cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures and accessories – with professional staff on hand to guide customers in selecting products suitable for them based on individual conditions, product preferences and dosage needs.

BLOC prides itself on offering exceptional customer service and high-quality products at all times, and offers three convenient shopping methods including online ordering and hassle-free pickup, as well as drive-thru and in-store kiosk access. Anyone wishing to experience its products should first find an approved Missouri doctor and register for a medical marijuana card before visiting one of its dispensaries.


Bloc Dispensary ┬áBelton, Texas lies at the center of grand Central Texas and boasts plenty of attractions and things to see and do. A less eccentric version of Austin but more laid-back version than Dallas, Belton offers visitors plenty of scenic beauty as they relax with beautiful lakes and local fare – there’s truly something here for everyone!

The historic downtown commercial district is an arts and culture hot spot with unique shopping and dining opportunities. Cochran Blair & Potts, the oldest operating department store in the state, stands out as an attraction here; visitors may also wish to stop by Bell County Museum to learn about its rich history.

Stillhouse Hollow Lake, one of the state’s most scenic lakes, provides an opportunity for an adventure-filled day trip. Spanning 89 acres, this 89-acre lake provides watersports opportunities such as waterskiing and paintball – it also makes a wonderful family outing with free boat ramps, public swim beaches and several picnic areas nearby.

If you’re craving something sweet, stop by Tea Luck, an adorable Asian tea shop offering an assortment of tea flavors and toppings, as well as their signature kakigori dessert – an ice cream-like dish featuring shaved ice and different fruit flavors!

Whoever wants a cannabis product that provides more of a subtle effect should consider trying a Cannabis topical. These creams, oils or balms can be applied directly onto various parts of the body for pain relief and inflammation relief.


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