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CanPay: Secure Debit App for Cannabis Purchases


August 24, 2023News

CanPay is the first debit payment app that allows consumers to buy cannabis products at state-regulated dispensaries. The app generates an exclusive payment PIN that only works for that transaction.Don’t share or transfer any personal banking data.

CanPay offers a safe and simple alternative to carrying large bundles of cash or visiting in-store ATMs. CanPay can be found at over 800 merchant locations in 31 states. In an era of expanding cannabis legalization. A new era of convenience and security has dawned for consumers and dispensaries alike. CanPay emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering a seamless and safe method for purchasing cannabis products at state-regulated dispensaries.


What is CanPay?

CanPay is a mobile debit payment app that enables consumers to purchase cannabis retailers that only accept cash payments. The company strives to address banking problems many companies in the industry continue to face following legalization. Including credit card companies refusing to work with marijuana businesses or banks not willing to open accounts for them. With CanPay users can connect their bank accounts. Transfer funds using a unique payment PIN directly into cannabis businesses’ checking accounts.

CanPay’s payment PINs are generated for every purchase and contain no personal identifiable information. Thus making CanPay more secure than credit or debit cards. That contain fixed account numbers that could be abused by anyone.

CanPay also utilizes a Closed Banking Feedback Loop system, in which only those whose bank accounts with depository institutions approved by CanPay will be allowed on its network. CanPay believes this approach ensures only valid transactions from licensed and compliant retailers pass through. Their compliance program will adhere to both FinCEN regulations as well as Cole Memo guidelines to support this system.

How does CanPay work?

CanPay functions much like a debit card for consumers. At each purchase point, an exact deduction from their bank account occurs immediately; no fees apply when using .

CanPay is one of several payment solutions designed to assist cannabis retailers with the difficulties they experience paying for their products. Due to federal cannabis prohibition, credit cards don’t work with cannabis retailers and it can be hard for dispensaries to find banks willing to serve them; leaving many stores operating as cash-only stores which may create logistical complications and inconvenience for both customers and staff managing large sums of cash.

Eide says CanPay is working to address some of those challenges by offering consumers an easy way to bypass credit card use and transfer funds directly from their bank accounts into partner dispensary banks in Oregon and Washington. He added that CanPay already works with certain banks but did not specify which ones.

Eide disproved claims that legitimate banking does not exist within the cannabis industry and instead highlighted Safe Harbor Private Banking’s work with Colorado dispensaries as proof.


How do I sign up for CanPay?

Cash transactions in the legal cannabis industry can be both inconvenience and cost prohibitive for customers and dispensaries alike, as their staff often spends valuable time managing large sums of cash while making multiple trips to their bank account to deposit it provides customers with an effective solution, enabling them to pay for purchases using the same app they use for everyday transactions like ordering food and purchasing beverages, such as ordering delivery service. CanPay stands apart from other payment apps in that it does not require customers to “store” money or pay any convenience fees; rather, each purchase initiates a real debit in the amount of their transaction directly from their checking account. Customers should contact their bank to determine any associated fees when using an ACH debit service such as CanPay; currently serves dispensaries across 28 states and Washington D.C.

What are the benefits of CanPay?

CanPay offers consumers a platform that enables debit payments at participating dispensaries using its map feature and does not store funds until customers use them; as with many cashless apps, CanPay does not incur “convenience fees”.

Cannabis retailers with accounts at financial institutions approved by can quickly and easily join the network quickly and seamlessly. As most marijuana stores only accept cash payments, customers often find the current cash-only environment inconvenient as they must either bring their own cash or incur ATM fees to access cash from their bank. Staff also find it challenging managing large bundles of money at the register.

CanPay makes buying cannabis as effortless as using your phone for anything else. Plus, users of can earn rewards just by paying with it at participating dispensaries! Unlike credit cards that display account numbers clearly on them, uses its unique PIN payment system for enhanced privacy protection compared to more traditional cards; furthermore,  plans on adding features like mobile wallet and rewards programs into its app, giving users more incentive to use regularly.


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