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Curaleaf Bellmawr – Camden County’s Newest Dispensary

Curaleaf Bellmawr

October 11, 2023News

Nestled in the heart of Camden County, New Jersey, Curaleaf Bellmawr stands as a beacon of hope and healing for individuals seeking safe and reliable access to medicinal cannabis. As the newest addition to the Curaleaf family, Curaleaf Bellmawr promises a warm and welcoming environment where patients can find compassionate care, premium products, and a dedicated team committed to enhancing their well-being.

Curaleaf Bellmawr offers top-quality medicinal and recreational cannabis products in an inviting atmosphere, as well as expert guidance to support your wellness goals. This Camden County dispensary strives to assist customers in achieving wellness. Curaleaf had two licenses up for renewal on Thursday: cultivation in Bellmawr and retail licenses in Edgewater Park and Winslow. Bellmawr planned to consolidate production at their Bellmawr location, according to CRC meeting officials.

Curaleaf Bellmawr

Curaleaf Bellmawr Welcoming Atmosphere

Curaleaf Bellmawr is a welcome addition to New Jersey’s cannabis scene, offering only top-quality products and industry-leading service. Boasting an expansive product selection suitable for medical and adult-use consumers alike, Curaleaf has set national standards in terms of quality, value, and service delivery.

Curaleaf maintains an established presence in New Jersey and currently operates three dispensaries to fulfill licensing requirements in that state. Their Bellmawr, Edgewater Park and Bordentown locations began selling recreational cannabis as early as April 2018, providing Philadelphia-area residents with another legal cannabis option.

Curaleaf Bellmawr

Curaleaf stands out in New Jersey by providing innovative products like Select Squeeze, an instant THC beverage enhancer. They also provide traditional inhalable cannabis options like their 3.5g flower jar and 1g pre-roll options as well as delicious edible products to delight their customers.

Curaleaf plans to introduce their Select Elite vape cartridges at its Bellmawr location and additional retail stores shortly, prioritizing medicinal cannabis patients across their Bellmawr, Edgewater Park and Bordentown locations – allocating two hours daily specifically to serving these users.

Exceptional Customer Service

Curaleaf Bellmawr’s staff of cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike is committed to offering exceptional customer service. If you are searching for an all-in-one vaporizer or simply exploring their vast selection of products, their team will guide you to find something suitable.

Curaleaf stands as one of the nation’s largest cannabis companies and prides itself on offering premium cannabis products crafted to exacting industry standards. DaVinci and Select brands can be found at their Bellmawr dispensary, along with many popular pre-rolls, edibles and vape cartridges.

Curaleaf Bellmawr was recently stripped of its right to sell recreational marijuana in New Jersey due to a denial from the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC), who denied their application to renew licenses for Edgewater Park and Bellmawr dispensaries and cultivation sites respectively, along with two “no” votes and two abstentions on their board vote against Curaleaf’s application for renewal.

Though Curaleaf may appear to have violated numerous state regulations, CRC Executive Director, Jeff Brown noted that they could work together if they corrected their errors. It remains unknown if they will appeal the decision or not.


Curaleaf Bellmawr

Exceptional Product Selection

Curaleaf Bellmawr provides an impressive selection of premium Medical and Adult-Use cannabis products. Our offerings span from flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, vape cartridges, edibles and topicals infused with both THC and CBD to innovative inhalable options like vape cartridges. In addition to providing these exceptional offerings, Curaleaf Bellmawr also provides educational resources and customer support services for our valued customers.

Our knowledgeable patient educators are on hand to answer any questions you have about the benefits and safety of cannabis use, while helping guide your new cannabis experience and discover what suits your individual needs best.Curaleaf Holdings operates 128 dispensaries across 23 states of the US under their Select and Grassroots brands that provide industry-leading service, product selection, accessibility for both licensed medical patients and adult use consumers.

They opened on April 21, 2022. Both dispensaries serve licensed medical patients until required to transition exclusively into adult-use sales. As a fast-growth consumer products company renowned for quality, expertise, and reliability – Curaleaf operates these dispensaries which serve licensed medical patients until transitioning over exclusively adult-use sales is necessary. Curaleaf operates over 128 dispensaries across 23 states that cater exclusively to adult-use sales; Curaleaf operates over 128 dispensaries under various brands including Select and Grassroots providing industry leading service, product selection accessibility both medical patients as well as adult consumers alike.

Expert Guidance

Curaleaf, the world’s largest publicly-listed cannabis company, recently unveiled a new dispensary in Bellmawr that is just across the street from their current facility. Formerly known as Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center, this new location features nine dispensing stations and multiple consultation areas designed to make patient visits more comfortable.

Curaleaf’s new dispensary also allows them to streamline operations and focus their efforts on generating revenue in New Jersey, where recreational marijuana is legal. As part of this streamlining effort, Curaleaf will close their Bellmawr cultivation facility and consolidate them at their Winslow, NJ location, while working closely with employees at Bellmawr to identify other opportunities within their organization.

Curaleaf Bellmawr had repeatedly been the subject of recalls in New York due to inaccurate potency measurements that led consumers to believe their purchases were stronger than they actually are. A spokesperson from Curaleaf stated that regardless of this issue, they value OCM’s oversight and believe this shows the regulated market “is working.”Curaleaf specializes in offering top quality medical and adult-use products to its customers.


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