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Curaleaf Worth Joins UFCW Local 881

Curaleaf Worth

August 21, 2023News

Curaleaf is ushering in a new era of cannabis to Illinois. Beginning April 1st, nine Greenhouse and Windy City Cannabis dispensaries from Northbrook to Skokie will join Curaleaf Worth under its Curaleaf brand; locations will include Northbrook, Skokie, and Morris Deerfield Worth.

Employees of a storefront will verify proof of age and medical marijuana doctor recommendations prior to admitting customers into its storefront. Customers must be 21 or over in order to purchase products. Read about Curaleaf significant move to join forces with UFCW Local 881, marking a pivotal step towards enhanced workers’ representation and rights within the cannabis industry.

Convenient Curbside Pick-Up Services at Curaleaf Worth: Streamlining Your Cannabis Experience

Today’s consumers don’t have the time or energy to wait around while their purchases arrive; curbside pickup allows consumers to arrange to collect their order when it best fits into their schedule, while simultaneously decreasing chances of damage during delivery.

Curbside pickup processes typically work by having customers place their orders online or via the retailer’s app and select a specific store for pickup. At that store, the staff identifies and prepares the available inventory for staging. Customers then receive notifications when their order is ready for pickup, guiding them to park nearby and approach the curbside pickup area to collect their merchandise.

Curaleaf Worth

Curbside Pickup Offers Customers Convenience

Curbside pickup offers customers convenience while simultaneously helping retailers strengthen their omnichannel sales strategies. According to Jonathan Roque, co-founder of Zapiet a Shopify app which helps merchants offer curbside pickup, this fulfillment option has seen rapid expansion.

Curaleaf Worth offers online ordering with store pickup service 24 hours per day, and customers can expect their purchases to arrive in resealable, tamper-evident packages that meet child resistant regulations – which is crucial since most medical marijuana dispensaries impose stringent rules regarding packaging raw flower – which means it cannot be sold unpackaged.

Online Ordering

Curaleaf Worth offers an expansive selection of CBD and THC products, such as flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, vape cartridges, gummies and concentrates – perfect for home or workplace delivery or walk-in purchase during our business hours! Order online to pick up at your own convenient time or walk right in! We accept both.

Curaleaf Worth’s team is dedicated to helping medical cannabis patients select products that will best meet their individual needs, taking time to listen and assist patients through this complex world of medicinal cannabis while supporting local charities and outreach programs.

Curaleaf employees conduct background checks on customers entering its dispensary to ensure compliance with State law and provide full security 24/7. Employees are trained to recognize potential security threats quickly.

Curaleaf Worth only sources high-grade marijuana from licensed cultivators and manufacturers to guarantee consistent quality and potency of its products. An independent lab tests Curaleaf’s marijuana products using dry weight testing, ensuring precise THC content measurements in each sold product. This practice aligns with recommendations from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and other reputable medical organizations.

Curaleaf Worth

Medicinal & Recreational Dispensary

Curaleaf Worth grants qualified medical marijuana patients and registered caregivers in Florida the means to access high-grade cannabis for medicinal purposes. The company, a state-licensed MMTC, holds the authorization to vend marijuana-related products based on valid doctor recommendations. To make a medicinal purchase, patrons requiring cannabis must furnish both a valid ID and an official prescription from their physician. Curaleaf’s dispensary, encompassing both the storefront and back office, maintains continuous 24/7 surveillance to ensure security. The company’s repertoire includes offerings such as flower, concentrates, vape pens, and cannabis-infused accessories, along with plant extracts derived from over 150 marijuana strains.

As a licensed retail cannabis establishment, this company must maintain meticulous records encompassing finances, personnel, training, contracts, security, and permits. These records serve to accurately track product sales. Furthermore, the inventory must adhere to State packaging and labeling prerequisites. All pertinent documents are subject to release upon request by the Illinois Marijuana Regulation Authority.

The company initially used wet weight measurements for assessing potency. However, they transitioned to displaying dry weight results starting in July without obtaining prior approval from the Office of Cannabis Management. While this decision bolstered sales, it left certain consumers puzzled due to encountering THC percentages higher than anticipated.

Union Representation

Curaleaf Worth workers have joined UFCW Local 881 after winning an election to represent them, the union announced in a news release. Representing over 1.3 million employees nationwide, UFCW Local 881 said it will negotiate contracts on workers’ behalf at Curaleaf’s Worth dispensary — one of 10 locations owned by multistate operator Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

The United Food and Commercial Workers union reported that it has reached agreements with workers at various other Boston-based locations as well as Chicago-based Cresco Labs locations. It expects the National Labor Relations Board to certify election results within seven days, barring any objections.

Steven Hawkins, CEO of CURA, declared the vote an overwhelming success and expressed hope to work closely with UFCW going forward. He pointed to improved wages, schedules, and benefits as primary factors of their victory.

Before their vote to hire Boris Jordan as Chief Executive Officer, Curaleaf faced criticism from UFCW. Boris Jordan, who had connections to widespread corruption and kleptocracy in Russia, was linked to the situation by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. A spokesperson from CURA declined to provide additional comment regarding Jordan’s background.


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