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Garden Remedies

August 7, 2023News

Garden Cannabis is an industry leader in cannabis growing and dispensaries, and its mission is to provide customers with only the finest cannabis products. Garden Remedies is a frontrunner in the cannabis market because of the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, scientific inquiry, and customer awareness-raising. The firm is proud to have adopted eco-friendly farming methods including employing organic fertilizers and conserving water. Actively support research activities to better understand the medicinal advantages of cannabis. 


In the cities of Melrose, Marlborough, and Newton, Garden Remedies is quickly becoming one of the first legal cannabis farms and dispensaries in the region.  They were able to get the necessary permits and authorizations to start up just when medicinal or recreational cannabis use became legal in the area. 

Garden Remedies

Dedication to Quality and Long-Term Viability

Garden Remedies Cannabis’ unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability is one of the company’s defining principles. The organization is really proud of the fact that it grows cannabis utilizing cutting-edge technology and sustainable methods.

Methods for Growing Marijuana

To guarantee the highest quality cannabis, they use modern cultivation methods. Some examples of their creative approaches are:

Indoor Growing Methods 

Garden Remedies is able to cultivate cannabis all year round in constant quality because of their use of climate and light regulated indoor facilities.

Growing Things in Greenhouses

Greenhouses allow taking use of natural sunshine while still offering a more controlled environment. This method combines the advantages of indoor and outdoor growing to produce high-quality cannabis crops.

Sustainable Agriculture Methods

Garden Remedies is committed to ecologically sound farming techniques including conserving water, recycling, and using natural pesticides. These methods not only help the environment, but also result in chemical-free cannabis products.

Garden Remedy’s Product Cannabis Collection

Garden Remedies has a wide variety of cannabis products available to meet the demands of a wide variety of customers. Some of the items in their catalog are:


Several carefully developed cannabis flower strains with distinct tastes, fragrances, and effects may be found at Garden Remedies Cannabis.

Purposeful Distinctions

Garden Remedies‘ high-quality cannabis strains are the source of a variety of concentrates, including wax, shatter, and live resin that may satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers.


Garden Remedies provides a wide variety of tasty cannabis-infused delicacies, like as chocolates, candies, and baked products, to guarantee a satisfying experience for edible aficionados.

Ranks among 2023’s Top Cannabis Employers

Wednesday, February 3, 2023, Clevd, Ohio — Garden Remedies has been named one of the best cannabis companies to work for in 2023 by Cannabis Business Times. This award recognizes businesses in the cannabis sector for their efforts to foster a remarkable workplace for their workers. 

Garden Remedies

Brief History of Cannabis Business Times

Established in July 2014, Cannabis Business Times has quickly become a leading publication in its field.Legislative changes, compliance updates, industry trend and opportunity analyses, cultivation recommendations, marketing plans, money and law discussions, and other insights into company management are all included. The Cannabis Conference, organized by the magazine, is a must-attend for anybody working in the cannabis industry. The conference is in its seventh year and has grown to include seventhly from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, and almost 30 additional nations. The conference’s educational offerings are among the best in the business thanks to the advice of a seasoned advisory board.

Ensuring a Reliable Cannabis Workforce

Cannabis Business Times, a leading industry publication and producer of the Cannabis Conference, partnered with the Best Companies Group (BCG), a global research organization specializing in employee survey engagement and satisfaction assessments, to create the best cannabis companies to work for awards. This collaborative endeavor seeks to discover and recognize outstanding employers in the cannabis production and dispensary business while also collecting useful input from their staff.

Award Judging Standards

Twenty-five percent of the total score for the best cannabis businesses to work for honors comes from an analysis of each company’s workplace rules, procedures, and demographics. The remaining 75% of the overall score is based on responses to anonymous questionnaires sent to all corporate workers to gauge their experiences and perspectives on the workplace.

Criteria for Acceptance and Ordering

Companies must be legally registered in the United States or Canada, have been in operation for at least one year, and have at least 15 full- or part-time workers in order to be considered for the rewards program. BCG handles all aspects of the registration and survey administration and then applies its knowledge to the processes arrive at a definitive rating.

Non-psychoactive Cannabis Compound

CBC is a naturally occurring component in cannabis that does not lead to intoxication and is often referred to as “one of the big six cannabinoids.” CBC is a chemical compound found in cannabis that, unlike THC, does not produce any euphoric effects when attaching to brain cannabinoid receptors.

Receptor Binding Effects of CBC

Unlike THC, which binds only to cannabinoid receptors, CBC binds to a wider variety of targets. Cannabis scientists are interested in CBC because of the advantages it may provide, especially in reducing pain and inflammation. The benefits of CBC may be amplified by adding additional cannabinoids, according to research.

Recent Studies 

The lack of research into the genetic makeup of cannabis plants has stymied scientific progress, despite the promise exhibited by CBC. On the other hand, CBC is a model of the entourage effect in action. This happens when cannabinoids, like THC, combine with one another to have effects beyond those of each compound alone.

Blue Dream Cannabis 

Ground-breaking blueberry dream cannabis candy is a perfect example of the entourage effect in action. Melatonin, THC, natural fruit components, and CBC are all packed into these tasty candies. The synergistic action of these ingredients is thought to amplify the mellow, sleepy effects of the indica strain used to make the candies.

THC, the Active Ingredient in Edible Marijuana Products

The active ingredient in edible cannabis products is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Loti’s labels, on the other hand, stress that their edibles contain many cannabinoids.

Lotis Blueberry Dream Gummies

One example of a cannabis consumable that takes a holistic approach is the Lotis Night Blueberry Dream candies. These candies go above and beyond the benefits of THC by combining melatonin. THC with natural fruit components and additional cannabinoids, such as CBC. Because of how well these parts work together, the gummies should be even more effective.


Garden Remedies Cannabis is a leading cannabis business in Ohio, known for its commitment to sustainability, scientific investigation, and education. The company uses organic fertilizers and water conservation, and it hosts events to educate customers on healthy food choices. When legal cannabis cultivation and sale became possible, they quickly obtained the necessary permissions and authorizations. The company cultivates cannabis indoors and in greenhouses, using eco-friendly practices like water conservation, recycling, and organic pest control. They offer various types of cannabis, including flowers, extracts, and edibles. In 2023, Cannabis Business Times named Garden Remedies one of the top places to work in the industry. The remaining 75% of the prize is determine by anonymous surveys. To be eligible for the rewards program. Companies must have at least 15 full- or part-time employees and a year of legal operation in the US or Canada.

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