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Innovative Cannabis at The Mint Dispensary: Bridging Communities

Mint Dispensary

September 6, 2023News

Mint Dispensary remains as a critical player in the realm of weed. It is continually pushing the limits of advancement while too reassuring the local area’s association. It was laid out by the trailblazers Eivan Shahara as well as Raul Molina. The Mint has been a pioneer in with respect to the Arizona pot market since in the time of 2016. The primary area at Tempe is the focal point of their cross country organization.

Mint Dispensary was an industry pioneer when they unveiled Arizona’s inaugural cannabis kitchen, known as Mint Cafe, in October 2018. Additionally, they provide custom THC-infused pizza slices, sandwiches and mac and cheese.Mint offers top-tier vendor brands as well as their own in-house products like WTF blunts and badders; SofaKing brownies, cookies, fruity bars and marshmallow treats; as well as Angry Errl edibles.

Mint Dispensary

   Mint Dispensary

Mint Dispensary Flower

The Mint Dispensary serves the Guadalupe and Tempe communities with pride, offering an impressive selection of premium cannabis medicines. Their knowledgeable budtenders strive to educate patients while optimizing the experience for all those who walk through their doors – veterans, seniors, individuals with disabilities, people in public service roles as well as all other qualifying groups are offered discounts or deals that ensure optimal customer care.

As well as offering top-tier vendor brands, they also sell in-house products such as WTF blunts and badders; SofaKing edibles (brownies, cookies, fruity bars, marshmallow treats, and gummies); Angry Errl candy/hot sauce products are lab tested by their vendors before being added to the shelf.

The Mint stands out from its competition by boasting one of the nation’s first full-service cannabis kitchens located within dispensaries. This state-of-the-art facility provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks made with THC-infused ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner service; plus customized cakes made to celebrate special events! Their menu also features pizzas, burgers salads and wraps – something no other dispensary in America offers!


The Mint has established relationships with some of Arizona’s premier marijuana cultivators, enabling them to select from their private reserve flower and deliver only premium quality cannabis products at their Mesa and Tempe locations. Their multi-point-of-sale system makes picking out exactly the medicine one needs quick while new patients can take their time in learning about cannabis from expert trained staff members.

Mint’s state-of-the-art medical facility is designed for patient services and features a peek-a-boo window into The Vault, where customers can see cultivation taking place right in front of them. Shahara and Molina take great pride in demystifying cannabis for their customer base by conducting community seminars and offering telemedicine.

The Mint Dispensary is an outstanding option for cannabis consumers in Mesa who desire a reliable and enjoyable shopping experience. Although currently accepting cash only transactions, their goal is to begin offering debit card transactions soon. They are proud to provide special pricing deals for veterans, seniors, patients with disabilities and public service personnel as part of their distinguished citizen loyalty program.

Mint Dispensary


The Mint Dispensary serves Guadalupe and Tempe with a comprehensive selection of medical marijuana products, from edibles like the award-winning chocolate-covered bites, tinctures, canna caps, RSO, distillate as well as multiple strength cannabis oil for RSO extractions and distillates. This Arizona marijuana store also provides delivery service!

Eivan Shahara and Raul Molina, two innovators who founded Brightroot (the parent company of Mint) in 2016, set up its flagship store in Tempe as the hub of its nationwide network of state-of-the-art retail locations, manufacturing facilities, and cultivation sites.

Mint’s goal was to demystify cannabis and help patients better understand their options, so their team launched the country’s first marijuana kitchen in 2018, followed by a high-tech grow in 2019 and eventually, in 2021, a drive-thru window. They have also opened The Vault with 30 exclusive boutique-grade strains as well as created an unprecedented peek-a-boo window allowing patients to watch cultivation right before their eyes – something no other cannabis shop in the world offers.

Accessories in Mint Dispensary

For those who prefer smoking their marijuana on the go, The Mint Dispensary offers an impressive selection of vape cartridges and accessories. In addition to vaping products, they also carry high-quality edibles, tinctures, topicals from Arizona’s top producers as well as staff who take great pleasure in providing patient education on all forms of cannabis products – from sativa to indica varieties as well as everything in between! Eivan Shahara and Raul Molina founded their company with compassion, community, safety, and education as their core principles, providing patients with an exceptional experience. ystem this year.

With one location already established in West Valley and four more planned for Arizona, The Mint’s team is hard at work expanding its brand nationwide, including the upcoming launch of its innovative products and superior service at locations coast-to-coast. Michigan residents, in particular, will soon have access to this exceptional experience! Furthermore, plans also involve introducing a rewards program and concierge service for more discerning clients, ensuring that Greenlight Dispensary remains at the forefront of the cannabis industry’s evolution.

Mint Dispensary

Gift Cards

SKYMINT Cannabis eGift Cards make great presents for any special event or holiday, available in any amount and sent via email or text message. Redeemable online and in store only, recipients must present valid government identification along with the 9-digit verification code from either their mobile device or printed out version at checkout to redeem their gift card.

Mint Dispensary has garnered an exceptional reputation for their cutting-edge facilities and community-minded approach. Their flagship location in Tempe features a cannabis kitchen and on-site grow, as well as special discounts to veterans and seniors. Their Missouri store donates part of its pre-roll sales proceeds to local food pantries for distribution by donation of pre-roll sales proceeds.

The Mint in Tempe recently made headlines when they announced an industry discount for Facility Agent Card Holders, offering them 30% off on Mondays and Tuesdays – an exceptional offer demonstrating their support of industry workers and employees. Other locations also provide special discounts; Serra provides its premium edibles at 10% discount every Monday for instance.



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