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Innovative Cannabis Retail: Hatch Dispensary

Hatch Dispensary

September 19, 2023News

Welcome to Hatch Dispensary’s world of cutting-edge cannabis retail! Located in Wheeling, Illinois, and dedicated to customer care and accessible luxury, Hatch Dispensary stands at the forefront of providing an unforgettable customer experience. Providing modern design combined with comfort and well-being is what this establishment excels at achieving.

Hatch Dispensary provides an innovative cannabis retail experience focused on customer care. Their Wheeling location features an entirely revamped high-design setting for maximum comfort and care.DMAC designed its store using an envelope intervention approach, featuring variegated cedar wood cladding and striking black walls. Large windows feature custom translucent film to filter natural light while increasing wellness in retail and lounge spaces.

Hatch Dispensary

Hatch Dispensary Interior Design

Customers have strong preferences about where and how they shop for cannabis, especially at dispensaries. Customers seek an experience that is beautiful, comfortable, and well-designed. Furthermore, store flow plays a key role in customer satisfaction.Hatch Dispensary’s inaugural adult-use location opened its doors in Wheeling, Illinois last September, enlisting Chicago-based DMAC Architecture to design it from scratch.

As part of its hospitality experience for customers, its design offers casual browsing, personal consulting, group education classes, efficient sales operations, and events while staying true to Hatch’s core philosophy of accessible luxury, care, and well-being.A premium lounge features a custom logo infilled with faux green mosses for comfortable viewing while a handcrafted checkout counter clad in matte white laminate ties together the design. Incorporating organic textures such as fingerprints, hatch marks, and scribbles adds depth and a human touch to its visual palette.

Exterior Design

Grateful Dead tapestries, lava lamps, and the bright orange of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust painted haphazardly on walls were once hallmarks of cannabis stores in decades past. Now that legalization has spread across America, many dispensary entrepreneurs seek to shed its stereotypical associations while modernizing its aesthetic.

Hatch Dispensary

Hatch Dispensary chose DMAC Architecture when they decided to open their second storefront in Wheeling, Illinois, enlisting their expertise to transform an existing 5,800 square-foot shopping center out parcel into an immersive hospitality experience featuring full cannabis product offerings and personalized high-touch service. Their new space features casual browsing experiences as well as personal consulting sessions, group education courses, and efficient sales – with luxurious touches of care at every touchpoint ensuring every encounter provides comforting moments of relaxation and wellbeing for visitors.

Interior design for Hatch Wheeling’s new location features an inviting gallery of display tables, lounge area and custom-branded display casework that showcases artisan glassware and accessories from around the world. Soundproof Framery booths imported from Finland add to this friendly futurist vibe as do walls that double as whiteboards for collaborative meetings in huddle rooms.

Lighting Design

Lighting design in cannabis stores is essential to their sales success and the overall customer experience of your customers. Proper illumination could mean the difference between someone walking into your store but leaving without purchasing, and staying longer to browse or ask questions about products available there.

This study involved 16 dispensaries that agreed to participate in the survey.Research assistants collected observations before entering each site such as neighborhood type and storefront characteristics; once inside, they documented interior maintenance, lighting, noise level, size of establishment, and whether state medicinal guidelines had been posted in its entry room.

Hatch Dispensary in Addison had earned itself a sterling reputation for modern comfort, wide product selection and knowledgeable service, so when the time came to expand to adult use they hired Chicago-based design firm DMAC to transform an existing 5,800 square foot suburban shopping center outparcel in Wheeling into the next level branded breakthrough experience – not simply retail but a full hospitality experience with areas designed for casual browsing, personal consulting sessions, education programs and events that foster approachable luxury, care and wellbeing at its center.

Hatch Dispensary

Custom Casework

Hatch Dispensary has quickly established themselves as one of the premier dispensary brands in Chicago since 2016. Their unique hospitality-driven approach has received widespread acclaim for providing comfortable seating and offering a vast product selection.

This new open layout has been thoughtfully designed with hospitality in mind, so guests can easily navigate to an open sales counter for quick online order pickup, explore custom display casework featuring artisan glassware and accessories illuminated with soft lighting or visit Hatch’s lounge for consultations with its cannabis consultants.

Cedar clad walls with translucent glazing add natural lighting to retail and lounge areas, with hanging Edison lamps creating focal points of warmth and elegance. Custom-milled walnut sales counters display premium cannabis accessories, setting the scene for an inviting shopping experience. Features such as locking doors, interior lighting options, and customizable sizing options can maximize visibility and security for valuable inventory. Retail locations can make choices regarding materials, such as glass acrylic or custom-milled wood, based on their design preferences.

Checkout Counter

If medical marijuana is legal in your state, purchasing and smoking cannabis at a Hatch dispensary should be easy and safe. But before visiting one, be sure to research local laws and regulations; check government websites or ask your physician if you qualify for one if necessary.

DMAC Architecture designed the Wheeling location as a 5,800-square-foot retail space to celebrate the culture of marijuana, providing customers with a relaxing shopping experience without funneling them towards cash registers or pressuring them during purchases.A spacious gallery of tables allows customers to shop independently while providing them with an opportunity for exploration.

Legal dispensaries in Hatch Dispensary require ID to purchase cannabis legally, with different categories of cards for different tiers available to customers. Lower-tier cards typically earn faster rewards while higher tiers provide additional perks and benefits – it is important that before applying for one you read carefully through and understand its rules.


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