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Jungle Boys: Crafting Exceptional Cannabis Strains with Flavor and Quality

Jungle Boys

August 27, 2023News

Jungle Boys is an LA-based breeding collective that has taken the cannabis community by storm, known for focusing on flavor and effects rather than the sheer volume of cultivation. Through our exploration, we take a glimpse into this fascinating journey that began as a passion for growing cannabis but has since blossomed into an enterprise known for producing extraordinary strains.

Jungle Boys is an LA-based breeding collective that cultivates unique strains for the cannabis community, focusing on flavor and effects rather than quantity. Their most sought-after strains include Bomba Jane (more articulate than early Weissmuller Tarzan movies) and Mimosa #14 and #26 which offer fruity tastes while providing balanced effects.

Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys Weed Strains

Jungle Boys strains offer more than bag appeal; their rich terpene profiles and delectable flavor combinations set them apart from competitors. Topanga Canyon OG, one of their more popular sativa varieties, boasts notes of citrus, pine needle, diesel, and piney aromas when inhaled for a balanced cerebral effect. Zack’s Pie, their dense fox-tailed hybrid that boasts grape and wedding cake flavors as a tribute to one of their team members who passed away, offers dense buds for an intense cerebral effect.

Ivan and his Jungle Boys team cultivate hundreds of phenotypes in search of the ideal strain to offer to both medicinal and recreational customers, each cultivar having unique characteristics. Prioritizing quality over quantity has allowed Ivan and team to meet demand since California legalized marijuana; rather than invest in larger facilities they choose small businesses which allow them to provide high-grade marijuana to both medical and recreational consumers – something you can see in their website with caps, T-shirts, and pins featuring some of their most recognizable strains.

Jungle Boys

Cultivation Methods

Jungle Boys has earned their place as one of the premier cannabis growers. Adopting commercial agricultural models and paying close attention to pheno-hunting techniques, they produce some of the world’s rarest and cleanest flowers such as Strawberry Shortcake, White Fire OG, WiFi #43, etc. These strains have become part of the cannabis lexicon today.

Jungle Boys began in the early 2000s when a group of friends realized their talent for growing some great marijuana. Starting out by cultivating it in their garages, eventually expanding to create an expansive cultivation facility with hundreds of lights and dispensaries – no small task in California’s legal landscape back then!Jungle Boys has recently expanded to Florida, and Peak Medical Care Orlando is thrilled to carry some of their amazing strains! You’ll find some of their most popular offerings such as White Fire 43, Glitter Glue and Wedding Cake here.

THC Levels

Jungle Boys has earned an exceptional reputation for discovering and breeding impressive White Fire OG phenotypes, but also for producing amazing strains such as Mimosa. Space Center from Seed Junky Genetics is an even-keeled cross between Wedding Cake and White Fire #43 (aka Wifi#43). As a result, this strain boasts up to 30% THC while offering classic flavors such as berries, marshmallows and nuts for maximum user enjoyment.

Space Center cannabis strain can help relieve anxiety and stress as well as alleviate pain from conditions like lupus and arthritis, stimulating appetite stimulation. Space Center may even help those suffering from loss of hunger due to medical treatments or side effects from medications or conditions like chemotherapy; but, like all high-THC cannabis varieties, Space Center may cause dry mouth and eyes as well as fatigue; for this reason it’s recommended only for experienced cannabis consumers – starting off slowly before increasing dose until reaching desired effect; should any adverse side effects arise, discontinue use immediately!


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