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Planet 13 Las Vegas: The Ultimate Cannabis Destination

Planet 13 Las Vegas

July 14, 2023News

The location of Planet 13 Las Vegas is rightfully proud of its status as the world’s biggest cannabis dispensary. Its enormous size and opulence make it an unforgettable destination right in the middle of Sin City. Planet 13 is a popular destination for residents and visitors because of its extensive assortment of high-quality cannabis products and other unique attractions and services.

Daily Discounts: Unbeatable Offers on Flower Strains and Concentrates

Planet 13, situated just off the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, offers daily specials on various flower strains and concentrates on attracting clients. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or have never tried cannabis, you’ll find something to your liking among their superior products and take advantage of their continuous deals. There is a wide range of prices, from $10-$35 for an eighth to $25 for a gram of premium concentrate.

Planet 13 Las Vegas

Honoring Veterans: Discounts and Loyalty Points for Non-Local and Local Veterans

Planet 13 Las Vegas honors the service of our nation’s veterans by providing a 20% discount on standard prices for out-of-town veterans and a 25% discount for local veterans. These savings are offered to veterans as a gesture of appreciation, and they may be paired with the chance to earn loyalty points, so they can save a lot of money and stock up on treats for future trips.

Local Loyalty Program: Exclusive Benefits for Nevada Residents and In-State Medical Patients

Even Nevadans get in on the action, with 25% off normal prices, thanks to Planet 13’s Local Loyalty Program. All medical patients in the state may benefit from this program’s many features, including reduced prices on premium cannabis products. The Local Loyalty Program is somewhat similar to the veteran discounts, allowing you to accumulate points with each purchase.

Out-of-State Visitors: Discounts and Access to Premium Cannabis Products

Planet 13 welcomes guests from all across the country. Regularly priced items are 10% off for those who provide proper identification. Under this service, tourists may save money while sampling the wide array of high-quality cannabis products available from Planet 13 Las Vegas

Planet 13 Las Vegas Cannabis-Themed Weddings

Planet 13 Las Vegas is also popular for cannabis-loving couples searching for a unique wedding setting. The dispensary has partnered with Las Vegas Cannabis Weddings to provide a unique location for the big day. What a statement it would make if you and your partner said wedding vows while surrounded by the greatest collection of cannabis goods in the world. Las Vegas guarantees that your wedding celebration will be one of a kind by providing a variety of packages and prices to choose from.

Planet 13 Las Vegas Superstore Production Facility

Planet 13’s Superstore Production Facility is the hub of the company’s brand experience since it gives consumers an up-close and personal look at the cultivation and processing of cannabis. Visitors at Dreamland may see the chocolate, gummy, and beverage-making process via 115 feet of glass windows. At the viewing area, consumers may utilize interactive kiosks to learn more about Planet 13’s house of brands, thus enriching the educational component.

Planet 13 Las Vegas

Diverse Product Selection: A Cornucopia of Cannabis Offerings

With many cannabis products available, Planet 13 Las Vegas is proud to meet the demands of its customers. The dispensary has various cannabis products, including vaporizers and topicals, to appeal to even the pickiest consumers.

Cannabis Vaporizers

Planet 13 Las Vegas provides a variety of premium vaporizers for people who want a covert approach to cannabis use. Inhaling the active chemicals from cannabis is made easy and enjoyable with the help of these devices. Their principle is heating cannabis extracts or flowers to release them.

Cannabis Flower

Planet 13 has a wide variety of well-developed cannabis flower strains. It is widely regarded as the industry standard for cannabis use. Customers may experiment with and find their favorite cannabis profiles because of the variety of tastes, scents, and effects.

Marijuana Pre-Rolls

Planet 13 offers a variety of pre-rolled joints, or “pre-rolls,” of marijuana. These are for individuals who like their smoking experience to be quick and easy. These pre-rolled joints eliminate the need for any further steps in the cannabis consumption process.

Marijuana Edibles

Planet 13 offers a variety of marijuana edibles for customers. People with a sweet appetite or an interest in a more gastronomic approach to cannabis can buy these. These edibles provide a tasty and covert alternative to smoking cannabis. They range from tasty chocolates and candies to flavored drinks and baked items.

Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates

These products made from the cannabis plant are highly prized by stoners due to their high THC content and purity. Customers may experience the concentrated essence of cannabis with Planet 13’s wide variety of concentrates. These include shatter, wax, live resin, and more.

Cannabis Topicals

Planet 13 Las Vegas acknowledges the importance of cannabis-infused topicals in addition to more conventional ingestion techniques. Lotions, creams, and balms are topical medicinals applied to the skin for localized comfort and general well-being.

Convenient Shuttle Service: Seamless Transportation to and from Strip Hotels

With a few exceptions, Planet 13’s shuttle service to hotels on the Strip is free, adding even more ease to the experience for clients. The shuttle is available daily from 9 am to 6 pm, providing a convenient way to reach the dispensary. The service guarantees customers can get to Planet 13 without hassle, and the timetable adapts to their needs.

Trece Eatery + Spirits: A Culinary Delight in a Greenhouse-Inspired Setting

Planet 13 Las Vegas is more than just a mall; it has several exciting activities throughout its massive property. The fascinating Mexican-American, handmade pizza and handcrafted specialty drink menu at Trece Restaurant + Spirits, a greenhouse-themed eatery. Guests at Trece may expect a delectable meal that will excite their taste buds and take them to a world of delights thanks to the leadership of Executive Chef Manny Sanchez.

The Planet 13 Las Vegas Robot Show: Mesmerizing Performances by Mechanical Wonders

Located inside the manufacturing complex, this exciting performance comprises two robotic actors that engage in saber duels and other creative displays to the audience’s delight. These amazing machines liven up your time on Planet 13 with their charming antics and occasional friendly waves. The Robot Show is open to the public Sunday through Tuesday from 1 to 9 pm and from Wednesday through Saturday from 1 to 10 pm.

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