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White Truffle Strain: Potent Hybrid with Exquisite Flavor and Versatile Effects

White Truffle Strain

September 10, 2023News

White Truffle Strain is a hybrid strain with balanced sativa and indica effects, often appearing black due to trichome dustings of frosty white trichomes encrusted in dark brown hairs. Originally named Gorilla Butter as its parent strain, this cultivar may be related to Peanut Butter Breath or even GG4. Growers report dense spade-shaped buds covered with deep foliage that appear black at times while being dusted with frosty white trichomes and dark brown hairs when grown outside of cultivation.

White Truffle StrainWhite Truffle Strain Appearance

White Truffle is an exquisite cannabis strain with dense, frosty buds covered with an abundant blanket of trichomes. Its stunning appearance is further complemented by its alluring aroma evoking truffle-like flavors with earthy and musky tones, earning this strain its name and garnering widespread admiration due to its complex flavors and versatile effects.

Terpene notes found in this sativa-dominant hybrid include caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene; its flavor notes also include earthy mushroom tones with subtle citrus undertones. Users have reported this strain can help boost mood, enhance focus, and encourage creativity for improved productivity or relaxation after an exhausting day of work.

This rare strain is notoriously difficult to cultivate, yet can yield respectable yields when given proper care. The flowering period for indoor cultivation takes 60-64 days while outdoor plants mature for harvest by mid-October.

White Truffle Strain has a moderate THC concentration between 19-25%, providing both mental and physical relaxation. Its sedative effects make it effective at relieving pain, stress, insomnia, and appetite stimulation, along with treating eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. White Truffle can also boost energy and stamina levels while its indica-dominant characteristics help sufferers of sleep disorders fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer.


White Truffle Strain’s captivating aroma is an irresistibly fragrant experience. This strain offers a smooth, buttery finish with notes of sharp garlic and earthy mushroom; its comforting musk reminds one of a walk through a forest; thanks to terpenes such as Humulene which offers earthy and woody tones while Myrcene gives sweet earthiness while Limonene adds fresh citrus notes for brightness and freshness.

Truffle is an Indica hybrid strain designed to deliver an enjoyable cannabis experience, with effects on both mind and body being equally balanced, providing benefits in terms of creativity, focus, stress relief, and anxiety reduction. White Truffle can be especially useful for relieving migraine headaches or stress-related discomfort.

White Truffle has a high THC content, making it suitable for recreational users. Depending on dosage, White Truffle can induce either deep relaxation or euphoria; furthermore it can increase appetite and improve sleep quality.

This strain is suitable for beginner and experienced cultivators alike, providing an average yield of 30-50 grams indoors or outdoors, flowering within 60 to 65 days and producing small spade-shaped nugs covered with light orange hairs and frosty white trichomes – available at most medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

White Truffle Strain


White Truffle Strain name speaks for itself – this strain boasts an exquisite flavor profile. The combination of herbal and earthy notes provided by its terpenes creates a luxurious experience. Caryophyllene provides peppery notes while humulene brings earthy tones and subtle spice nuances; Limonene adds citrusy freshness. When combined, all these terpenes create an intoxicating experience that leaves you wanting more!

As with other Gorilla Butter strains, White Truffle offers a quick-acting head high and relaxing body buzz, making it the ideal way to ease tension and stress. Furthermore, this strain may help soothe both stomach and muscles for relief of pain relief.

Terpenes found in this strain give it an incredible aroma. You’ll discover notes of sweet nutty, earthy, and skunky flavors which make this strain ideal for recreational and medical marijuana users alike.

If you find a rare strain, be sure to purchase some for both yourself and your friends. Sharing rare cannabis is more satisfying and purchasing in bulk is much more economical than individual packages.


White Truffle Strain stands out among cannabis varieties by having an average THC content of about 25%, making it one of the strongest strains available. Its unique terpene profile includes chemicals such as myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene and limonene – creating sweet aromas like myrcene which emit sweet, nutty, earthy and spicy notes; its smooth slightly gassy taste is equally pleasant to the palate. White Truffle’s effects include both cerebral and physical, elevating mood while stimulating creativity while increasing focus while heightening focus while increasing appetite as well.

White Truffle not only offers relaxation, but can also be an effective treatment for chronic body aches and pains. Its high THC content relieves inflammation while soothing discomfort for long-lasting relief. In addition, its relaxing qualities help people sleep through the night more easily than before – with many reports reporting improved sleep quality as a result of White Truffle strain use.

White Truffle Strain is an easy-to-grow cultivar that can be grown indoors or outdoors using common germination and propagation methods, ensuring healthy plants ready for flowering phase. Once in flowering mode, providing balanced nutrients as well as adequate lighting are key factors. Flowers of this strain tend to be small with frosty covering of trichomes – best enjoyed through smoking, vaping or infusing edibles like cookies or brownies as discreet methods of consumption of its effects.


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