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Garden State Dispensary: New Jersey’s Growing Cannabis Market and Challenges

Garden State Dispensary

August 22, 2023News

With legal marijuana sales now underway in New Jersey, lines began forming outside dispensaries throughout the state. Garden State Dispensary opened its recreational sales this week in Eatontown. Tony Marrero of Garfield patiently waited more than two hours in order. To buy his first legal ounce of cannabis before dawn. Tony was among several individuals who arrived before sunrise.

Explore the rise of Garden State Dispensary in New Jersey’s evolving cannabis landscape. Discover their diverse product range and commitment to exceptional customer service. Delve into the challenges faced by this prominent brand. They navigate pricing concerns and market dynamics in the newly legalized environment.

Garden State Dispensary

AYR’s Garden State Dispensary: Elevating Cannabis Experience in New Jersey

Woodbridge, New Jersey — Garden State Dispensary LLC in Woodbridge is now open and selling recreational marijuana to adults after being approved by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. As the 16th store that sells recreational pot, its parent company AYR Wellness Inc. in Miami also runs two other Garden State Dispensary stores located in Eatontown and Union.

AYR dispensaries offer a diverse selection of cannabis products, such as flowers and cartridges. Additionally, they have edibles, tinctures, and topicals available. Their brand strives to exceed customer expectations through educated, sensitive, and compassionate service; its team believes passionately in cannabis’ potential healing properties.

In 2022, Garden State Dispensary (GSD) was purchased by multi-state operator AYR Wellness and now operates three Garden State Dispensaries located in Woodbridge, Eatontown and Union under its brand. All three stores have also adopted the AYR name to continue to offer medical and adult-use marijuana services in Central New Jersey which is home to over 3.4 million residents.

AYR New Jersey locations now provide an assortment of products from their national portfolio, such as Lost in Translation premium whole flower, Kynd premium whole flower, Road Tripper whole flower, STIX pre-rolls, Entourage broad-spectrum vape cartridges with terpenes-driven vaping cartridges, and Secret Orchid fruit-forward vaping cartridges.


New Jersey consumers purchased $24 million worth of legal weed during its inaugural month on sale, according to data provided by the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission. That amount may seem low compared to other states such as Arizona who launched with 73 dispensaries selling $32 million during that same time frame.

Garden State Dispensary (GSD), established as one of six original dispensaries that earned licenses in New Jersey’s legal marijuana industry, has long been one of its signature dispensaries due to their reputation of selling expensive, subpar quality products with poor working conditions and employing abusive staff. Workers organized to change GSD’s practices but most patients remain reluctant patrons of the dispensary.

Retail locations of Ayr Wellness Inc.’s retail locations in Woodbridge, Eatontown and Union have now been rebranded AYR following an announcement made by their parent company Ayr Wellness Inc. in a press release issued December 2. Miami-based MSO simultaneously opened all three retail stores for adult-use sales on June 15th; garnering them an important share of New Jersey’s estimated $2 billion recreational market.

Garden State Dispensary’s store along Route 1 North in Woodbridge makes an attractive option for local customers because of its central location and close proximity to other shopping and dining establishments, including ShopRite, Pet Smart and Verizon outlets – making this Woodbridge’s sole legal weed store.

Garden State Dispensary

Customer Service

Garden State Dispensary offers friendly and knowledgeable service at their marijuana shop in New Jersey. Their goal is to meet the medical cannabis needs of New Jersey patients with educated, sensitive care that exceeds expectations. Garden State employs some of the brightest minds in their industry – such as an award-winning grower for Cannabis Cup as well as an American Society for Horticultural Science Certified Professional Horticulturist.Adult-Use customers may visit during the first and last hour of every day while Medical Patients enjoy exclusive shopping times during other parts of the day.

You can do this by visiting a licensed physician and receiving certification, then renew it every two years through Veriheal with Veriheal alerting them when your certification will soon expire so you can schedule a renewal consultation session and continue purchasing marijuana from local dispensaries such as Garden State.


Garden State Dispensary offers an expansive selection of marijuana products. To both medical patients and adults, including strains, edibles and vape pens. Furthermore, they also have various other items designed to maximize your cannabis experience; all high quality with exceptional customer service!

Garden State Dispensary’s first few week after opening were marred with issues, according to McCormac. Neighboring Rt. 1 businesses lodged complaints with the town about an overwhelming marijuana smell. That soon dissipated after some complaints to town authorities were addressed. Since then, though, McCormac says things have settled down considerably.

Prices have been a source of concern among users. Especially in relation to other states that started recreational sales earlier this year. A gram of marijuana costs an average of $10 in New Jersey. While it only averages $8 in Maine and $4 in Oregon according to market research firm BDSA.

Critics argue it is unfair to compare price differences between New Jersey. States because its market is so new, yet Goldstein does not see this as being fair. He noted that Gov. Chris Christie’s restrictions on medical marijuana limited both patients and dispensaries. While in states with legal markets, “vertically integrated” cannabis companies offer cultivation. Production and retail operations with price adjustments based on market demands.


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