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Sunnyside Dispensary: Wellness Oasis in South Beloit


September 25, 2023News

Welcome to Sunnyside Dispensary in South Beloit – your ultimate wellness oasis! At Sunnyside Dispensary, our goal is to improve everyday wellbeing for adults aged 21 or over by creating an accessible and inviting atmosphere in which to discover premium marijuana products.

In addition to offering cannabis, our mission includes building community bonds through responsible use programs as well as prioritizing consumer safety through education programs while offering top-tier customer service – so come discover its therapeutic effects together!

Sunnyside Dispensary Locations

Sunnyside Dispensary stands as a beacon of wellness in Lakeview East, encouraging individuals to make informed choices, build community bonds and advance holistic wellness. Through education, community engagement, and product quality offerings, they enhance the cannabis experience while prioritizing consumer safety and responsible use.

They take great pride in cultivating wellness beyond cannabis industry boundaries by working closely with local health and wellness practitioners, supporting local artisans, and offering complementary wellness products alongside their cannabis offerings. This reflects their philosophy of cultivating wellness from within by using cannabis’ therapeutic benefits for holistic well-being.

Sunnyside Dispensary

Expanding Horizons: Sunnyside’s Cozy and Accessible Dispensaries

At cozier dispensaries, they offer an intimate experience without the sterile atmosphere typical of most dispensaries, instead offering friendly staff that is there to guide and assist your journey. Furthermore, there is also an expansive selection of high-quality craft cannabis available.

Cresco Labs recently unveiled its sixth Sunnyside retail store in Illinois at 369 Lynch Drive in Danville – making this opening unique within eastern Illinois and providing consumers with access to its portfolio of owned brands.

Sunnyside, the latest addition to Pennsylvania’s cannabis market from Chicago-based Cresco Labs, opened its first location in Fishtown this past December. Offering an uncomplicated experience and offering an expansive selection of quality craft cannabis products, it provides customers with an accessible shopping experience and offers convenient service across 60 locations nationwide.

Elevating Cannabis: Sunnyside’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Sunnyside*, Cresco Labs’ inaugural national retail brand, is dedicated to revolutionizing cannabis. Their team of Wellness Advisors educate customers and assist them in attaining overall wellness, helping achieve normalization through education and philanthropy – supporting initiatives like SEED Initiative which help society engage with cannabis economics.

Cresco Labs carries an expansive selection of premium flower, vapes, edibles and concentrates from some of the leading brands in the industry including High Supply, Shake Verano as well as Cresco Labs’ own product lines. Their menu also regularly changes to provide customers with access to top quality product offerings.

This dispensary boasts a 50,000 square foot grow facility in Yellow Springs that enables them to provide Wintersville store with the highest-grade whole bud flower and concentrates. They produce delicious Mindy’s Edibles brand products like Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee bars and White Chocolate Raspberry Cream bars as well as Strawberry Banana Mango Cherry Lime fruit chews for customers to enjoy.

Sunnyside Dispensary

Customer Service

Sunnyside Dispensary opened to the public for business on Monday in South Beloit, Illinois – its largest dispensary to date! Offering adults 21 and over safe access to products that enhance everyday wellness with professionally trained Wellness Advisors who build trust, education and convenience between customer visits. Sunnyside also serves its community by creating jobs within the marijuana industry for members of its local economy.

The store can be found at 7000 First Ranger Drive in South Beloit, Illinois 61080 and provides a variety of marijuana products such as flower, edibles and vape juice as well as CBD products. Their customer service is exceptional with employees being extremely helpful and friendly – one employee in particular being Colin who always gets back to people quickly when promised.

Sunnyside Cannabis Shop is your one-stop destination for recreational or medical marijuana needs, offering an expansive selection of products at highly competitive prices. New customers receive a 10% first-timer discount, and there’s also a rewards program where points earned can be redeemed against future purchases – you just have to be new customer in order to qualify!

Sunnyside Dispensary Reviews

Sunnyside* offers adults 21 and over an inviting space to discover high-quality marijuana products that enhance everyday wellness, with some great deals as an added incentive. They pride themselves on keeping busy while serving customers efficiently and remain true to their name – providing adults with an excellent customer experience and lasting friendships.

As a local customer, I have always found their service satisfying. Their courteous and accommodating staff, along with the store’s ample selection and easily accessible parking spots, have consistently met my needs. Today, we visited to pick up some items and encountered very friendly employees who assisted us in securing an excellent pre-rolled joint deal and some tasty, budget-friendly edibles! I will definitely return here in future visits!

SunnySIDE SOUTH BELOIT opened Monday just across Wisconsin in South Beloit. Cresco Labs, which operates Sunnyside, anticipates 35 employees will work at its newly built store at 7000 First Ranger Drive with nearly 20 points of sale and over 7,200 square feet of space.


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