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Vertical Dispensary: A Comprehensive Approach to Cannabis Production and Retail

Vertical Dispensary

October 1, 2023News

Since legalization has proliferated across states and regions, cannabis cultivation and distribution have undergone an extraordinary evolution. Industry players have shifted away from traditional models in favor of more efficient and integrated approaches – the “Vertical Dispensary,” for instance, revolutionizes every aspect of supply chain management from cultivation to retail sales.

Vertical Dispensary refers to a cannabis company’s ability to cultivate process and sell their own products from cultivation through retail sale. Many states mandate or permit Vertical Dispensary formproved seed-to-sale operations. New York law strictly forbids vertical integration, meaning a licensed dispensary cannot work with any company that owns even a fraction of a cultivation or processing business.

Vertical Dispensary

Vertical Dispensary Cultivation

Cultivation is a vital component of cannabis production, but many companies face three obstacles that prevent their expansion: space constraints, energy consumption and overhead costs. Vertical Dispensary offers one effective solution to these difficulties, by stacking grow cabinets to increase yields without purchasing or leasing more land. Studies have reported that annual yields can be increased up to six times when using this VFU setup versus traditional horizontal systems.

Vertical grow systems not only increase yields but also help save resources by improving energy efficiency. Switching from HID lighting to more energy-efficient LED fixtures can significantly lower power usage at your facility; furthermore, water recycling technologies allow cultivators to decrease overall water usage at your site.

Vertical grows are also beneficial in producing higher-quality products due to their tight internodal spacing and dense canopy, which tend to yield stronger cannabinoid profiles than traditional horizontal plants. Furthermore, due to being closer to light sources, there is less evaporation leading to more consistent applications of nutrients that help avoid mold or mildew issues often found with traditional horizontal plants.

Optimizing Extraction: Centralized Facilities and SKOVAR Labs’ Vaporization System

Vertical Dispensary integrated cannabis companies oversee all facets of cannabis supply chains from cultivation to manufacturing, from cultivation to cultivation and harvesting. This means they grow their own plants, harvest them themselves, and send them off for extraction at an extraction facility before packaging the finished products up ready to sell in their own dispensaries.

KB Advantage: Centralized facilities equipped with fully managed pharma-grade labs save capital for the plant while cutting costs by eliminating middlemen. In addition, these centralized facilities facilitate faster time to market and more precise control over products.

Extraction is an integral component of cannabis cultivation and production. Done correctly, extraction can produce high-grade oils and concentrates with potency beyond expectations. Therefore, it is crucial that you find equipment tailored specifically to your needs and budget for maximum value for each buck spent.

SKOVAR Labs’ vaporization system is an excellent option for extraction because of its intuitive user experience and excellent return on investment. Plus, its customization options give you access to various trays and nozzles.Vaporization systems offer many advantages over traditional combustion processes. One such advantage is creating different forms of concentrates – including THC and CBD oils – from just one device, helping expand product offerings while increasing sales by meeting customer preferences.

Vertical Dispensary

Vertical Dispensary Manufacturing

Efficient management and communication foster streamlined decision-making, elevate performance, reduce overhead costs, and yield superior consumer products. Vertical Dispensary embodies a business model where every facet of supply chain operations, from cultivation and extraction to manufacturing and sales, is internally managed to ensure optimal efficiency.

Vertical Enterprises of Missouri cultivates and manufactures grade A flower and extracts at their facility in St Joseph. Recently they secured $35 Million from Merida Capital Partners as well as investors from the alcohol industry and brands space.

New York has taken steps to prevent Vertical Dispensary by mandating that licensees only grow, process and sell their products at authorized dispensaries – this ensures there will be no undue influence from suppliers and preserves market integrity.

Management of an integrated vertically-oriented Cannabis business can be daunting without an effective technology platform that connects and unifies all your processes. Our Manufacturing module at Seed and Beyond makes managing end-to-end production from extraction through refinement to final product easy, as well as managing inventory levels, facilities and wholesale partners easily through our platform.

Stable Retail Environment in New York’s Cannabis Market

New York’s retail rules provide some much-needed stability as adult-use market launches in 2019. Through an investment fund plan, New York will lease up to 150 retail spaces at market rate rents and payments back to investors; license holders will then sublease them directly for market rent payments; the fund will cover build out costs. These locations won’t be transferable, thus eliminating risk to inventory or assets owned by investors should things go sideways.

At least 100-150 retail dispensaries must be established with successful owners that can demonstrate they have run profitable businesses for two consecutive years, either one that they currently operate or one they once had decades earlier. This requirement ensures retail dispensary owners will meet customer demand with appropriate quality product offerings.

ertical Dispensary Vibez concentrates actively extract specific cannabis plant components into liquid form, crafting premium products like edibles, vape juice, and RSO wax. Kenton Brothers was entrusted with designing and implementing Access Control, IP Video Surveillance, and Intrusion Detection systems across Vertical Enterprise Manufacturing sites, Grow sites, and Dispensaries, showcasing our gratitude for Vertical’s valued feedback and operational standards.


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