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Zen Leaf Neptune Opens for Legal Weed Sales

Zen Leaf Neptune

September 5, 2023News

Zen Leaf Neptune has officially opened their doors, heralding a new era of legal cannabis sales in Neptune, New Jersey. This monumental event marks a key step towards normalizing and expanding cannabis access throughout New Jersey. Zen Leaf Neptune stands ready to become a trusted destination for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

On Friday morning, Neptune Township officials and Zen Leaf/Verano staff officially inaugurated their 16th dispensary along Route 66 in Neptune Township. Just two miles from popular Jersey Shore beaches and landmarks including Asbury Park Boardwalk. Neptune was among the initial seven alternative treatment centers approved by the state to sell recreational marijuana; however, their township has yet to approve zoning restrictions for these sales.

Zen Leaf Neptune

Zen Leaf Neptune Medical Patients

Zen Leaf Neptune in Neptune Township became the 18th medical marijuana dispensary to begin recreational weed sales on Friday in New Jersey and the second location within Monmouth County. Verano Holdings’ multi-state operator opened at 2100 NJ-66 and two miles away from Asbury Park boardwalk and Jersey Shore beaches, two locations that make legal sales accessible for customers in Monmouth County.

Neptune dispensary is open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for medical patients only during their first hour of each business day. Their menu offers various cannabis products like syringes, tinctures, and lozenges containing up to 350mg THC content.

Verano’s Neptune Branch dispensary is the latest of Verano’s 13 locations to launch adult-use sales, following Lawrence Township and Elizabeth locations which opened for adult-use sales the day after Gov. Phil Murphy signed New Jersey’s law authorizing adult-use cannabis sales into law on April 21. Verano currently operates state-of-the-art dispensaries catering to licensed medical marijuana cardholders (and soon recreational users) across 11 states.

Zen Leaf Neptune: Monmouth County’s New Recreational Cannabis Spot

Neptune Township residents and visitors to the Jersey Shore can now purchase recreational marijuana at Zen Leaf Neptune Township location after Verano received approval from the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to open an adult-use dispensary there. It can be found at 2100 NJ-66 – approximately two miles from Asbury Park’s Boardwalk and other popular landmarks within Monmouth County.

Recreational customers will soon be able to shop at Neptune’s drive-through window dispensary for products including flower, edibles, vaporizers, concentrates and accessories – not unlike what medical patients already enjoy there – although a dedicated team will still manage these transactions as part of the launch of adult use sales. Neptune marks 18th retail cannabis location across California to receive state approval for recreational sales.

Zen Leaf Neptune


Neptune’s 2100 NJ-66 store is just two miles from Jersey Shore beaches and landmarks such as Asbury Park boardwalk. On Friday morning, they celebrated adult recreational weed sales with a ribbon cutting ceremony featuring a flying Zen Leaf blimp, food giveaways and product specials on tote bags, resin products, rolling papers and sunglasses from this branch.

Mike Tyson made two visits to two of the company’s dispensaries this summer, including their Prospect Heights location where he provided insight into his Tyson 2.0 cannabis line and met fans. Mike was an absolute hit at these meet-and-greets – engaging fans by striking various poses from boxing stances to bear hugs to fake ear nibbles!

Verano’s Zen Leaf Neptune store marked New Jersey’s 18th retail pot shop to begin adult-use marijuana sales and was the second in Monmouth County from Verano. Their Garden State Dispensary opened in Eatontown earlier this year for medical customers only, though both stores remain open Monday through Saturday with Sunday reserved exclusively for medical shoppers.


Zen Leaf Neptune opened its doors to recreational customers for recreational sales of legal weed on Friday, becoming the second New Jersey dispensary to start operations. Operated by Verano Holdings and located at 2100 NJ-66 in Neptune Township. It isĀ  just two miles away from popular Jersey Shore beaches and Asbury Park Boardwalk attractions.

Neptune will mark the first retail storefront since Gov. Phil Murphy signed adult-use cannabis reform into law, as well as becoming Monmouth County’s second recreational weed store.

The Neptune store is modern and sparsely decorated, with shelves holding empty jars of Verano products such as “Swift Lift” prerolled joints. The “Kind Tree” flower vaporizer from Verano. An unmistakable yet faint aroma of marijuana marks this space as being far removed from high-end cosmetics storefronts. The customers may order products online for same-day in-store pickup; this menu changes daily while maintaining access to medical-grade products that customers currently have access to today.


Zen Leaf Neptune Marijuana Dispensary has made history by opening in Neptune City . It is a retail hub featuring ShopRite and Seaview Square Mall nearby – as the first marijuana dispensary. Furthermore, Zen Leaf marks Monmouth County’s second Garden State Dispensary satellite location by becoming available now.

Neptune store opened relatively modestly when it debuted on April 21, unlike some of the more high-profile marijuana shops that opened throughout New Jersey on that date. Modern and sparsely decorated, its shelves display empty jars of Verano products. T”Swift Lift” prerolled joints and “Kind Tree” cannabis flower. A few photos depicting marijuana plants and an unmistakable smell provide further indication that this location serves as a cannabis dispensary.

Zen Leaf stands out despite its modest appearance by providing some of the state’s top products in vape, flower, and edible categories – including vape pens, flowers, and edible products such as hemp-derived ones. According to their website, this store will eventually add hemp-derived products. It opens Monday through Saturday for medical patients and opening hours vary . Although Verano Holdings could add recreational sales at Neptune as it did at Elizabeth and Lawrence Township locations.


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