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Trulieve: Expanding Cannabis Operations in Multiple States


September 24, 2023News

Over recent years, the cannabis industry in the US has undergone an extraordinary evolution, shifting from an underground market to an industry with rapidly increasing legal opportunities. Trulieve Cannabis Corporation is leading this charge with excellence and innovation when it comes to cultivating and dispensing medical and recreational cannabis products.

It recently unveiled its Sweet Talk line of edible products aimed at value, which include chocolate bars and gummies. Trulieve hopes that its value-oriented offerings will appeal to consumers. Trulieve was Florida’s inaugural medical cannabis operator when voters passed a constitutional amendment legalizing non-euphoric cannabis for those suffering from severe epilepsy. Rivers is confident and will flourish even in states allowing adult recreational use.


Trulieve in Florida

Trulieve holds recognition as one of the foremost medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida. They maintain a presence with 78 locations across the state and provide a broad array of products, which encompass flowers, cartridges, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. Customers also have the convenience of in-store pickup as an option. All of their products undergo lab testing to ensure they meet state regulations.

Customers are now easily able to determine whether they’re receiving high-quality products at each location. Through the company website, users can see which locations are nearby and what products each one sells – saving both time and money when shopping for medicine locally.

The company’s leadership is committed to cultivating an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all of its employees. They support minority-owned businesses with ease while encouraging employees to share their stories publicly. Yet despite all these positive aspects, this company is facing multiple lawsuits from current and former employees.

At Trulieve, one of the most high-profile lawsuits involved discrimination and retaliation. In 2022, Trulieve reached a settlement with Brooke Bennett, a former manager in their 200-person call center based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Brooke had filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination and retaliation.Brooke was not given information about the precise terms of the settlement. Furthermore, another environmental health and safety manager claimed that they were terminated for reporting a hazardous fertilizer leak at the workplace.

Trulieve’s Expansion Plans and Optimism Amid Industry Challenges

Trulieve continues its expansion in core markets while eyeing potential opportunities in new ones, particularly those located in the Southeast. Recently, it has won an Ohio license that will enable it to increase its retail footprint there.It will expand by building and opening three dispensaries in Adel, as well as opening up a cultivation facility there. They plan to hire local employees during construction and operation as well as collaborate with trusted partners during development. Trulieve also plans on providing visitors with access to its free database where they can search for physicians offering medical marijuana card evaluations in their area and stay up-to-date with relevant cannabis studies and reviews.

Rivers stated that the company plans to increase its investment in its existing legacy footprint this year. The company continues to maintain high adjusted EBITDA margins compared to other publicly traded cannabis companies.┬áDespite these challenges, Rivers maintains an optimistic outlook on Trulieve’s future.

She believes that the current industry cycle will ultimately lead to more sustainable growth. Rivers predicts that higher-quality brands will ultimately outperform lesser-known options. This transition is already evident through brands such as Loveli, Co2lors, and Muse, which serve consumers across a spectrum from those who are new to cannabis (the “canna-curious”) to those with a deeper appreciation and knowledge of cannabis (the “canna-connoisseur”). This expansion of product offerings further enhances the company’s brand portfolio.



Trulieve’s Financial Strategies and Potential in Florida’s Legal Market

It will maintains an expansive national presence that includes several regional hubs. According to Rivers, Trulieve continues to leverage these models for increased economies of scale; most recently it secured a traditional mortgage-backed loan worth $90 million that will bring down its blended cost of capital from 8.25 percent down to 7.5 percent.

Trulieve’s improved blended rate will reduce financing costs as interest rates continue to increase, as well as make operational adjustments that align its over 4 million square feet of cultivation and processing capacity with consumer demand, such as pulling back canopy at “legacy sites” to bank capacity for future expansion.

Rivers also discussed Florida, where she is seeing strong patient growth weekly. She highlighted positive consumer reactions to value products by the company as well as ongoing efforts to support industry standards and regulations development.

She noted that a successful adult-use referendum in Florida would be a “game changer”. With 22 million residents and 130 million tourist visits every year, once adult use begins in Florida it will be the largest legal market in the US – and the brand stands out from competitors as having the best team available to realize its full potential in that opportunity.

Trulieve Pittsburgh: 5-Star Customer Service and Convenient Offers

Trulieve Pittsburgh boasts a 5-out-5 customer service rating from customers, who appreciate its convenient location and generous offers (wear your favorite sports team gear between Friday-Sunday to receive 10% off!).

Their store opens daily (Monday through Sunday), and it is pet-friendly with a staff that is knowledgeable and helpful in assisting with product selection. We prioritize your trust as our top priority, so businesses cannot pay to alter or delete reviews on our platform. You can register here to receive Text or Email notifications and stay informed about exclusive deals, product releases, and events, even though promotions like Snap, Veteran, and Senior discounts are not displayed online; they will be applied in the store.

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